Our Approach

The initiation of movement, its direction, and the body’s reaction to destabilising forces, are the main components of movement that require efficient control of muscle tone by the nervous system.

However, even healthy brain development can be hindered by compromised environmental interactions, resulting in less efficient movement patterns.

In case of a viable but compromised nervous system, the purposeful interaction with our environment becomes critical; without it, the nervous system does not reach its optimal potential.

If you understand how the baby is programmed to develop, not only can you recognise when it is not doing so, you can target your treatment at the anatomy that may be hindering the full healthy development of that individual.

Recognising the quality of reflex responses gives you a window of engagement into the neuro-motor response of the brain and the whole body. We aim to enhance your knowledge of the secret world of development to spearhead the osteopathic treatment you offer.

The concept of neuroplasticity of the central nervous system supports the early therapeutic intervention, including informed handling skills, to enable the child to maximise their own growth potential.

Our movement determines the way we live our lives. Join us on the journey of movement-ability course!