Stabilisation in a sagittal plane – The first 4.5 months of life, CPD hours 16

Course leaders Helen Terentjev and Hilary Percival                     

This two-stage Blended Paediatric course focuses on motor development during the first 4.5 months of life. This course is for osteopaths who work with young children and would like to understand the optimal physiologic development of an infant from the start.

Day 1 online

Complete online training modules and complete and pass assessments at least 10 days before the Day2. Submit your questions and concerns via email – we will hold an online Zoom session week before the course or spend some time for Q&A at the beginning of the Day2 (depends on the number of questions and how the participants are coping with the information)

The online section of the course will take you a day to complete and involves 7 lectures. All of which can be completed in your own work environment.

  1. The underlying principles and goals of child’s development and basic terminology
  2. The postural markers of the 1st trimester (from instability to establishing the first real base of support in prone and supine positions)
  3. Maturation of function by 4.5month (contralateral pattern of support in prone established, which allows for the exploration of the levers in preparation for the locomotion and further development of prehension and tactile integration)
  4. Reflexes associated with stage of development.
  5. Respiratory diaphragm* – from osteopathy in the cranial field perspective
  6. Pelvic diaphragm* – from osteopathy in the cranial field perspective

*Diaphragms are viewed as part of a dynamic continuum within the body from embryologic and developmental viewpoint.

  1. Test your knowledge – you will need to submit your answers by email.

 Day 2: Face-to-face

  1. Welcome and Introduction, Q&A
  2. Morning session will focus on osteopathy in the cranial field techniques for respiratory and pelvic diaphragm) and is led by Hilary Percival O. FSCCO POD
  3. Afternoon session will focus on diagnosing the stability function in clinical setting and basic technics to aid the optimal development in children of different age groups and what advice to give the carers and is led by Helen Terentjev, osteopath, DNS practitioner.


  1. You must be a registered osteopath who treats children and regularly uses ‘cranial’ as a mode of treatment.
  2. You must hold full professional indemnity insurance, which covers you for studying in England, and it must be for the full duration of the course. We cannot accept any osteopath who is not adequately insured.
  3. Part of the course is practical sessions where you will be expected to be a model. We will give you a form to fill, which you should complete and send back ahead of the course. This form will be shared with course tutors, and either returned to you after the course or shredded at the end of the course.
  4. As we will hope to have some children on the course, you must hold a current Enhanced DBS certificate (last three years). Please provide a copy with your booking form.

Costs £500 Please pay by PayPal or BACS transfer.

Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be doing some floor work and some osteopathy too. If you have a practice ‘baby doll’, it can be useful for practising some handling techniques (although we have several dolls).

Stabilisation in a sagittal plane - The first four and half months

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