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Stabilisation in a sagittal plane - The first 4.5 months

Course leaders: Helen Terentjev and Hilary Percival       CPD hours: 16

4-5th July 2020, 9 am-5 pm (coffee and registration 8.30-9 am)
Queens’ College, Cambridge CB3 9ET

The neonate starts from a position of total instability. From the very first relationship with its environment at birth, the baby needs to establish the real bases of support in prone and supine positions to enable the further differentiation of motor function.

We will study:

  1. Assessment of immature developmental motor patterns in the first months of life, and their connection with our learned motor behaviour at later stages of life.
  2. The progression of primitive reflexes and postural reactions during this stage of life, and how to use them in rehabilitation and re-evaluation of treatment strategies and outcomes.
  3. Utilisation of the understanding of the above in osteopathic practice by looking at the cranium, the tempro-mandibular joint, diaphragm and limbs.
  4. Specific handling techniques to enhance the babies’ progression through their own unique physiological development.


Lectures and practicals for 2 days: £400
Accommodation (per night): £57 single occupancy room including breakfast
£85 double occupancy room including breakfast

We would appreciate if you could bring a portable plinth, and a yoga mat (if you are driving) – please let us know if you can. Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be doing some floor work and some osteopathy too. If you have a practice ‘baby doll’, it can be useful for practising handling techniques (although we have a number of dolls). We will try to arrange for you to see a patient being examined and treated by course leaders at some time during the day.

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Course: Stabilisation in a sagittal plane - The first four and half months

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